1. June 2009

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Renowned Russian film-maker Nikita Mikhalkov is in Prague working on his new film, a sequel to his Oscar-winning Burnt By The Sun. The Exodus – The Fortress: Burnt By The Sun 2 is “a tragedy in two acts”, according to sales company The Wild Bunch, in which story of the first film resumes fives year later. Wild Bunch director Vincent Maraval called the film a “grand spectacle with epic grandeur of Laurence Of Arabia told via a very intimate story.” Mikhalkov and his crew are shooting at Barrandov Studios, where they are using sound stages and an open-air water tank, says studio director Janka Vozarova. The film crew will have at least 10 shooting days in Prague. Barrandov is providing the production with a mock-up of a ship and a mock-up of an airplane which they build inside on a stage. Barrandov's costume shop and labs are also contributing their skills to the production. Other locations for the film include France, Germany and Russia. Mikhalkov is no stranger to the Czech Republic. He also filmed portions of The Barber Of Siberia in Prague. Barrandov Studios served as a co-producer on the film. The Exodus – The Fortress: Burnt By The Sun 2 will be released in Russia in May 2010, possibly with a world premiere at Cannes.