23. November 2017

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In early November, the Czech Film Commission organized a two-day location tour in cooperation with the East Bohemia Film Office to that region. As usual, we invited locational managers, film architects, directors, producers and other film professionals to come discover diverse locations and stories.

This time we chose the theme of East Bohemian modern and contemporary architecture and focused on three cities: Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Litomyšl. All combine exceptional architecture with guaranteed film friendly locations.

In the early 20th century, Hradec Králové was designated the Salon of the Republic, thanks above all to the timeless buildings built there by renowned architects Josef Gočár and Jan Kotěra. The label has in the past few years been taken over by Litomyšl, which did not remain "stuck" in the Renaissance period and in recent years has been enriched with ever more works of contemporary architecture. Pardubice, too, has not been left behind, and boasts a number of modern buildings, of which the sublime Winternitz Automatic Mill project is the most spacious and genius loci.