3. July 2013

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In recent weeks Ostrava has received considerable attention from Korean film-makers. Thanks to the hard work and initiative shown by the regional film office Film Ostrava, a film crew from the Korean capital Seoul is now planning to shoot scenes in Ostrava. The working title of the film is International Market. The movie takes place in the 1960s during the period after the Korean War, when the South Korean government sent large numbers of men and women abroad to work – the men were employed in German mines, while the women worked as nurses. This is the background for a chance meeting of two people who fall in love and discover a new meaning for their lives. Based on a true story, the plot follows the fate of the two heroes as they struggle to stay together against all the odds. The filming in Ostrava – scheduled for August – will naturally focus on the city’s industrial locations. On Monday 24 June a large delegation (10 key members of the Korean crew and 6 of the Czech crew) toured a range of locations; this was a follow-up to two previous location scouting tours by smaller units. The film’s director is Yoon Je-kyoon, whose biggest commercial hit so far has been the film Tidal Wave (Haeundae). This is the first ever Korean movie about a natural disaster, and it was nominated for best film and best direction at the Black Dragon Awards. The Czech co-producer is Axman Production, which has produced successful films such as Normal or Lousy Bastards (Všiváci). The company has a wealth of experience working with Korean film-makers, including the Korean hit TV series Lovers in Prague.