5. February 2014

The Hollywood Reporter brings a story on the huge success of the new Russian horror movie Viy 3D directed by Oleg Stepchenko, which shot in Czech Republic during 2011 and 2012. Premiered on January 30, the film has made more than 17 million USD at the Russian box office over the opening weekend. The plot of Viy 3D is based on a famous story by Gogol and the producers developed an innovative technology for shooting the film in 3D. Filmmakers shot on Czech locations, such as the Sychrov Chateaux which stands for an English castle where the main character Jonathan Green sets out on his journey to the East. The film set built by the Czech crew consists of Cossack hamlet with 21 households, marketplace, church, tavern, mill and watch towers, all with authentic details. The Czech costume designer Jarmila Konečná made almost 200 original costumes for this movie. The famous battle director Jiří Kuba choreographed the fighting scenes, the Czech crew includes aslo the special make-up artist Petr Gorshenin and the renowned cinematographer Vladimír Smutný. This dark story had an astonishing success in 1967 when it was adapted for screen and it seems to be still very attractive also for today's Russian audience. Watch the trailer here