11. December 2006

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As of today, Prague has the largest film stage in all of Europe. A gala opening will be held this evening for the complex of three new sound stages, which will serve as a bouncing board to the next phase of successful development for Barrandov Studios. Construction of the complex of three soundproof stages was started this spring and cost more than 100 million Czech crowns. “Without a doubt, the new construction is the most extensive investment the Czech film industry has seen during the past sixty years. Thanks to this increase in capacity, Barrandov Studios has significantly strengthened its leading position amongst film studios not only in Europe,” according to Ing. Tomas Chrenek, Chairman of the Barrandov Studios Board of Directors. He added that the sound stages, with all their features and equipment, will satisfy even the most demanding film requirements. Barrandov Studios management is fully aware of increasing competition in neighboring countries and thus, for the future, it wants to continue concentrating on developing the quantity and quality of the services it provides to film, television, and commercial customers. “Opening the new sound stages will provide both domestic as well as foreign productions with ideal filming opportunities. Thanks to our new capacity, we will be able to witness even more unique film projects that are acclaimed worldwide,” says Chrenek. The new sound stage complex consists of two stages measuring one thousand square meters each with the height of 12 meters along with a third – the largest – spreading out over two thousand square meters with the height of 13.75 meters. All three soundproof stages can be interconnected to create one large stage that is 98.5 meters long, almost 4,000 square meters in area. All three stages offer the full luxury of bridges and lifts. A winch system allows counterweights and sets to be suspended. In addition, the sound stages have wooden floors that are suitable for mounting sets. Each stage also includes a large entry gate that allows for the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of automobiles. The stages are connected with auxiliary facilities by means of a covered corridor. An extensive parking area will be completed next to the complex during the next few weeks. All of the stages include an exhaust system thallows for the localized removal of smoke (smoke effects, fireplaces, smoke bombs, etc.). The air circulation technology installed at the sound stages allows the air to be replaced very quickly. The working light system uses the most modern equipment and allows for the perfect display of colors.