How to apply

1. Project registration
The applicant must be a tax resident in the Czech Republic with a place of business or permanent establishment in the Czech Republic.

The project must register with a simple test for European cultural and production criteria. The applicant must submit the cultural test along with a synopsis and a Czech version of their script.

Registrations can be submitted at any time of the year. Costs incurred after the date of the submission of registration papers (the ‘definitive day’) are eligible for the rebate; costs paid before that date are not eligible.

Application fee is CZK 30,000.

The test is reviewed and evaluated by the Czech Film Fund Committee, which will notify successful applicants.

2. Project listing (allocation of the rebate)
Upon receiving the registration certificate, the applicant can apply for the allocation of the rebate.

The timing of the application is important: within 4 months after it is filed, at least 10 shooting days in the Czech Republic must have been completed (for a Eurimage project, the deadline is 9 months). The latest that an application may be filed is on the 10th day of shooting in the Czech Republic.

Applicants must submit the project’s budget, estimate of eligible spend and shooting schedule for Czech locations.

Based on this information, the Czech Film Fund allocates the estimated funds for the rebate for the applicant.

3. Grant award application
Applicants submit audited statements demonstrating the eligible costs incurred.

Two applications for payment will be possible: The first after filming is concluded in the Czech Republic and the minimum amount of eligible costs was spent; the second after all production and postproduction is completed in the Czech Republic.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

For further information and application forms (in Czech only) see also the website of the Czech Film Fund.