14. January 2013

European co-production A Royal Affair is one of five films competing for Best Foreign Language Film in the 85th Academy Awards. The film is the one of the most successful and most awarded films ever shot in the Czech Republic. A co-production between Denmark, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany, A Royal Affair shot in the Czech Republic in 2011. Prague-based Sirena Film is the local co-producer. The co-production share was 10% of the film’s total budget. The film’s producer, Denmark-based Zentropa, chose to shoot in the Czech Republic for several reasons. Zentropa had previously cooperated with Sirena Film on Fear Me Not (2008). The Danes were also attracted by the Czech Republic’s production incentives, which help the country remain a competitive location. Finally, the experience and skills of Czech film professionals played a key role in Zentropa’s decision. Czech filmmakers were pleased by the Oscar nomination, as well as by the two awards the film received at the Berlin International Film Festival. “The most important thing for us is the chance to work with the best artists and producers,” says Kristina Hejduková of Sirena Film. “When such people talk about us abroad, it opens the door to similar projects. Our work on A Royal Affair lead to the opportunity to work with Susanne Bier on her film Serena, which also filmed in the Czech Republic.” Hejduková added that other producers have approached Sirena Film with projects following the company’s work on A Royal Affair. “The quality of the work is the most important factor, but awards are nice, too,” she said, adding that the Oscar nomination is a success for the Czech Republic. In addition to the production rebate from the Czech Film Industry Support Programme, Sirena Film received a minority-production grant for A Royal Affair from the State Fund for the Support of Czech Cinematography.