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Sirena Film is a production company founded by Artemio Benki in 1994 specializing in Films, TV Projects, Commercials, Music Videos and Photography. Expert in both its own and service projects, with strong emphasis on creative skill, integrity and excellence. Its people form an energetic, able and adept unit under the keen care of its head producers Pavel Müller, Kristina Hejduková and Roman Finger. In definition, the overall atmosphere always maintained perceptive and bright, Sirena film strives to provide continual and lasting optimum results. Sirena Film operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Rašínovo náb. 6
Praha 2 128 00
Czech Republic


ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT  (dir. Edward Berger, Germany, USA, Great Britain, 2021)

TRANSATLANTIC 473 (dir. Peter Thorwarth, Germany, 2021)

THE MARCO EFFECT (dir. Martin Zandvliet, Denmark, Germany, 2021)

MARGRETE - QUEEN OF THE NORTH (dir. Charlotte Sieling, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, 2021)

DNA (dir. Henrik Ruben Genz, Denmark, 2019)

SHADOWS IN MY EYES (dir. Ole Bornedal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, 2019)

ATLANTIC CROSSING (dir. Alexander Eik, Janic Heen - co-director, Norway, 2019)

AS LAD 2 (dir. Mikkel Brænne Sandemose, Norway, 2019)

THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL (dir. Chan-wook Park, USA, UK, 2019)

EDMOND (dir. Alexis Michalik, France, 2019)

THE EMIGRANTS (dir. Daniel Espinosa, Sweden, New Zealand, 2018)

SÅ LÆNGE JEG LEVER (dir. Ole Bornedal, Denmark, 2017)

SLANGENS GAVE (dir. Petr Flinth, Denmark, 2017)

THE AFTERMATH (dir. James Kent, USA, UK, 2017)

BORG VS. MCENROE (dir. Janus Metz Pedersen, Sweden, 2017)

ASKELADDEN - I DOVREGUBBENS HALL (dir. Mikkel Brænne Sandemose, Norway, 2017)

MESTEREN (dir. Charlotte Sieling, Denmark, 2017)

PERSONAL SHOPPER (dir. Olivier Assayas, France, 2016)

LA DANSEUSE / THE DANCER (dir. Stéphanie Di Giusto, France, Belgium, 2016)

NOBEL (TV series, dir. Per Olav Sørensen, Norway, 2016)

TORDENSKIOLD (dir. Henrik Ruben Genz, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, 2016)

MARGUERITE (dir. Xavier Giannoli, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, 2015)

THE HEAVY WATER WAR (TV series, dir. Per-Olav Sørensen, Norway, 2015)

SOLDAT BLANC / WHITE SOLDIER (dir. Erik Zonca, France, 2014)

1864 (TV series, dir. Ole Bornedal, Denmark, 2014)

SERENA (dir. Susanne Bier, USA, Czech Republic, 2014)

FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY (dir. Richard Raaphorst, Netherlands, USA, 2013)

LA MIGLIORE OFFERTA / THE BEST OFFER (dir. Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy, 2013)


EN KONGELIG AFFŒRE / A ROYALL AFFAIR (dir. Nikolaj Arcel, Denmark, 2012)

ALTING BLIVER GODT IGEN / EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE (dir. Christoffer Boe, Denmark, Sweden, France, 2010)

SORTE KUGLER / ALEX KLEIN (dir. Anders Matthesen, Denmark, 2009)

DEN DU FRYGTER / FEAR ME NOT (dir. Kristian Levring, Denmark, 2008

RESOLUTION 819 (dir. Giacomo Battiato, France, Poland, Italy, 2008)

FLAMMEN OG CITRONEN / FLAME & CITRON (dir. Ole Christian Madsen, Denmark, 2008)

PRAG / PRAGUE (dir. Ole Christian Madsen, Denmark, 2006)

LORD OF WAR (dir. Andrew Niccol, France, USA, 2005)

PARADISE FOUND (dir. Maria Andreacchio, Australia, UK, France, Germany, 2003

LES FLEURS D´HARRISON / HARRISON’S FLOWERS (dir. Elie Chouraqui, France, 2000)

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