Alexandr Borecký

My name is Alexandr Borecky, an I'm a director, actor, producer and screenwriter based in Prague. I had a directorial and production debut with my short film "Origin" (2021), which has garnered multiple awards and recognition from festivals around the world.

My journey into the world of acting began during a student exchange programme at high school drama classes in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2017, I took a significant leap in my artistic development by studying acting in Los Angeles. This experience deepened my understanding of the craft and honed my ability to create captivating narratives on screen. Inspired by the dynamic film landscape of Hollywood, I returned to Prague equipped with newfound knowledge and an unyielding desire to leave my mark as a filmmaker.

In 2021, I released my short film "Origin," an exploration of human relationships. Through mesmerizing visuals that have been tailored with Jessica Radlovacki (Cinematographer) and evocative storytelling, the film delves into themes of identity, purpose, and the enigmatic forces that shape our lives. "Origin" has been showcased at festivals worldwide.

Continuing on my creative journey, I released "Untold Pieces" this year. This short film interweaves disparate narratives, crafting a poignant tapestry of emotion and connection. Its storytelling has captured the attention of prestigious festivals, earning multiple nominations, wins, and screenings worldwide some of which we are attending in person. These achievements further solidify my passion for the craft and propel me up the industry ladder.

Currently, I am involved in various short film projects as a writer, producer and director.


Slezská, 883/26
Praha 2 120 00