Rolling media

We offer complete TV, film and advertising production from idea to realization. We put emphasis on original projects, characterized by modern visual concept and graphics, professional processing, international potential and of course flawless execution.


Paprsková 18
Praha 4 140 00
Czech Republic


Our projects:

MenuProEmu (TV Coocking Show, 2020)

Všežralovo bistro (TV Commercial, 2020)

Garáž (TV Show for Children and Youth, 2020)

Anatomie zrady (War drama, 2020)

Emanuel Moravec (TV film, 2019)

Bedekr (travel magazine), Wifina (lifestyle magazine), Patrola (army magazine), Teleskop (education magazine), Boží dar (magazine)

Apoštol národní zrady (documentary)


Team members


Klára Kupcová

office manager


Nella Kinzl

production assistant