Shieldtech - Van Group

Our aim is to provide clients with comprehensive security services of maximum quality while maintaining full confidentiality and guaranteeing the professional approach and high skills of our staff.


  • constant protection of areas used as film, television and commercial filming locations

  • inspection of vehicles and persons entering the filming site, except for those directly involved in filming

  • constant protection of client assets (vehicles, technology, sets, etc…)

  • ITC and public safety assistance

  • safety precautions staff for checkpoints on film locations (covid-19)


Křížová 41
Praha 5 150 00
Czech Republic


Film: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Dragon Girl, Underworld Blood Wars, Baba z ledu, Emperor, Bang Bang, Child 44, Snowpirecer, Serena, Kuky se vraci, Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, G.I. JOE, Tristan and Isolde, Kamenak 3

TV series: Miracle Workers Dark Ages, Carnival Row 2 and 3, Knightfall 2, Whiskey Cavalier, Genius, The Romanoffs, Carneval Row, Knightfall, Krmelec u Muflona, Running Man, Spark, Crossing Lines, Missing, Wanted, Legends 2, Autobazar MonteKarlo, BORGIAS, Most Haunted, Superstar 1 and 2, Big Brother, BAR

Commercials: Duracell, Pilsner Urquell, Ibalgin, Skoda, Krusovice Beer, Gazprom Oil

Personal security (bodyguard): Bill Nighy, Sean Bean, Katrina Kaif, Dan Brown, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Lawrence, Pierce Brosnan, John Malkovich, Jason Statham, Shayne Ward, Claudia Cardinale, Herbert Lom, Sir Roger Moor, Natalie Oreiro, Alain Delon, David Hasselhoff, Mandy Patinkin

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