9. February 2016

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The Toulovcovy Maštale Nature Reserve is located on the border of Chrudim and Svitavy districts in the Pardubice region. It is an easily accessible area of unspoiled nature, still untouched by human civilization. Remarkable, often deep canyons of Toulovcovy Maštale, that spread across an area of 1000 hectares, were carved by streams and tributaries of the Novohradka river. The difference between Posekanec, the highest point in the south (at 554 meters), and the lowest elevation in the north (near the Novohradka riverbed by Chata Polanka) is nearly 200 meters.
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Toulovcovy Maštale was shaped over millions of years. Filmmakers will find locations full of unique sandstone rock formations that look like towns, with a system of tunnels, caves, stone streets, ravines and holes with interesting names that reflect what they look like. Here you can come across such places as the Egg of Columbus, the Armored Ship, the Kitchen, the Cellar, the Mouse Hole or the Bell. The whole area is covered with dense, deep forests that have wells of crystal clear spring water in several places. "Toulovcovy Maštale belongs among the most picturesque corners of eastern Bohemia, with its own unique atmosphere and history. In the past it served as a hideaway for hermits and provided shelter for guerrillas during World War II. Film crews will love Toulovcovy Maštale," said Lucie Oherová, director of the Association of Toulovcovy Maštale.

Film production companies can contact the local regional office East Bohemia Film Office, which provides free services like negotiating with the location owners, as well as state administration, local governments and other relevant authorities. The regional film office can also be used as a focal point for applicants to the annual grant program in  support of audiovisual production. "Through the grant, we want to support filmmakers who are considering the Pardubice region as a film location for their project. Given the growth of film tourism, films can help us in the development of greater tourism. Productions may submit their applications by the end of February," informed René Živný, the councilor of the Pardubice Region for sports, tourism, leisure and information technology. "I am convinced that Toulovcovy Maštale is an area that has considerable potential to entice filmmakers with it's natural and pristine beauty," Živný added.

Contact the Czech Film Commission or one of the many local location managers for more information about this and other locations.