18. May 2019

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Encovany Chateau was originally a Gothic fortress dating back to the 14th century; in the second half of the 17th century, it underwent minor Baroque renovations. It is located in the village of the same name, just 60 km from Prague near Roudnice nad Labem. At present, the property is completely cleared out – filmmakers have access to all areas, including a large basement and interior atrium.

The four-wing, two-storey cultural monument with an inner courtyard features a total of 1,806 m2 of floor space. The chateau complex includes a four-sided square tower and the west and south wings have pillared arcades facing in the inner courtyard. The chateau is preserved in nearly original form. However, most of its spaces do not have windows or doors; the only major change in recent years has been a complete reconstruction of the roof.

“Encovany Chateau is a very interesting location with good transport access. The great advantage is that the building is empty and only used sporadically. It offers almost unlimited space and options as a film set. The adjacent garden area in front of the castle and driveway provide sufficient facilities for large audiovisual productions,” says Barbara Hyšková of the Usti Region Film Office, adding that no major renovations are planned in the near future, only minor repairs. The chateau is available without any significant time constraints. “The owner, Mrs Lucie Schweizer Buláková, would be delighted if the chateau became a popular location for film crews who could take full advantage of its unique atmosphere and multifaceted variability,” says Hyšková. For more information contact the Ústí Region Film Office: Barbora Hyšková, +420 778 494 321, hyskova.b@kr-ustecky.cz.