15. November 2017

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The Tlumačov Regional Stud Farm in the Zlín Region is remarkable for several reasons. In addition to the variety of spaces available for filming, filmmakers will also find a wide selection of equestrian equipment that can be used as props, as well as animal protagonists of many different species. Finally, the stud farm offers the opportunity to work with professional riders and drivers. Filmmakers – it’s guaranteed to be film-friendly!
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The stud farm is located about 15 km west of Zlín in the town of Tlumačov at the border of the Upper Moravian and Lower Moravian vales. The southern tip of the fertile Haná region borders it to the north, Wallachia borders it to the east, and Slovácko (also known as Moravian Slovakia) borders it to the south. “You’ll find many horse-breeding farms in the Czech Republic, but there are only two stud farms – one here and the other in Písek. Breeding farms are involved in general horse breeding, but stud farms are special facilities designed only for breeding stallions to maintain genetic lines," explains Marie Išová of the Tlumačov Regional Stud Farm. Established in 1925 as a center for all of Moravia, the stud farm has been in continuous operation for the past 92 years. Its buildings are maintained in their early 20th-century appearance from the time when the original 18th-century farmstead was converted into a stud farm.

“Filmmakers will find remains of the Baroque farmstead in the main building and original vaulted ceilings throughout all the buildings. There are preserved original structures here, a large rectangular complex of buildings, two courtyards, and the director’s villa,” says Magdaléna Hladká of the Zlín Film Office. The main building has two floors – there are offices, the director’s office, the knights’ hall, and a conference room on the ground floor, while the second floor provides accommodation for current and past employees. “The Tlumačov facility is used to stable purebred stallions of various breeds, primarily Czech-Moravian Belgians and Moravian warmbloods, but we also have Kladrubers, Fresians, Huculs, Arabians, and others," explains Išová. "We have three stables with a total capacity of 115 horses.” The courtyard also features insemination stations, a smithy, a hot walker, a paddock, and a riding hall.

In addition to Tlumačov, the stud farm also owns properties in Skály and Buňov totaling 307 hectares. "Of this, 100 hectares is arable land, and 197 hectares is grassland. At the farm in Buňov, we rear young colts – there is an open stable building and pastures all around. We use the farm in Skály for breeding and rearing of young Czech warmblood horses. Surrounding the farmstead are paddocks and pastures,” explains Išová. In addition to the impressive spaces for filming and consultation opportunities, the set designers will find their own treasure – all kinds of carriages, wagons, authentic wicker buggies, and of course a variety of harnesses.
For more information about filming in the Zlín Region, please contact Magdaléna Hladká at the Zlín Film Office at magdalena@zlin-film.cz or by phone at +420 778 515 500.