22. October 2020

Alternativní text obrázku

The new special government restrictions valid from October 21 do not change a thing. It is the fact that:

✔️ filming is an economic activity (the restriction does not apply to the performance of a business or other similar activity),

✔️ filming is not an assembly according to Act No. 84/1990 on the right to assemble,

✔️ filming is not a cultural event or a leisure-time activity,

✔️ face masks for performers are not required (as per the exception for individuals carrying out a performance, lecturers, and individuals participating in the creation and production of audiovisual works or shows).

Thus, even these latest crisis measures do not change the current procedures for shooting. The Czech productions strictly follow the health and safety self-regulatory guidelines: https://bit.ly/3meVFHY.