13. January 2016

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On January 13, 2016, the State Cinematography Fund issued a call for submissions for registration into the incentives programme. It also announced the disposable budget allocated for the incentives in 2016 will be CZK 800 million (EUR 30m / USD 32m). The registration of projects will be open until 13:00 (1 p.m.) February 3. The date of the submission of the application does not play a role in its assessment. The application will not be considered complete unless it contains a completed cultural test, synopsis of the film/series and a Czech version of the script. Submissions delivered after this date will be considered together with other submissions delivered in the following registration period issued by the director of the Fund. The date is unknown yet. The Registration Certificates to the successful applicants are expected to be issued in mid February 2016 and the applicants will have three months to apply for the allocation of the rebate. All applications received within the first week will be considered as simultaneously received applications and have priority. Applications submitted later will be dealt with in chronological order. For more information please contact: Magdaléna Králová, State Cinematography Fund magdalena.kralova@fondkinematografie.cz +420 602 177 146 Ludmila Claussová, Czech Film Commission ludmila@filmcommission.cz +420 728 132 026
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