18. July 2013

Three TV series based on European history are currently in production in the Czech Republic, keeping local crews and locations busy during the summer months. Filming wraps July 18 on 1864, an adaptation of Tom Buk-Swienty's best-selling novel Slagtebænk Dybbøl, about the 1864 battle in which Germany seized a third of Denmark's territory. The battle became a symbol of the Danish courage. 1864 is the most expensive TV production ever in Denmark, and nearly half the CZK 577m budget is being spent in the Czech Republic. Local production company Sirena Film helped Danish producers Miso Film source 200 Czech crewmembers for 69 days of shooting. Crews built two full size redoubt and trenches in Milovice for the film’s big battle scenes. Filming also takes place in locations in Brno, Prague, Terezín, Lednice and elsewhere. 1864 will be released in Denmark next year. Production is underway on The Musketeers, an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel, which began filming March 18 and will wrap October 8. Produced by BBC Worldwide with Czech Anglo Production, the mini-series production will spend slightly more than half its CZK 408m budget in the Czech Republic. The majority of the 200-member crew is Czech. Most of the sets for The Musketeers are built on existing locations. The main location for is in Doksany, where crews have recreated a soldiers’ garrison, a Paris street and square. Other locations are in Křivoklát, Terezín, Kroměříž, Slavkov, Kutná Hora, and in Prague at Strahov Library and in Liliová Street. The Musketeers will begin airing in Britain in February 2014. Also shooting in the Czech Republic this summer is the third and final season of Borgia, which chronicles Rodrigo Borigia’s ruthless clan and his rise to the papal throne in the late 15th century. Production on the show resumes on the Barrandov Studios backlot, where crews built an extensive Rome set for Season 1. Cast and crew will also return to Martinic Palace in the center of Prague, where Czech crews repainted the rooms by hand, using Renaissance-era techniques. Other locations include Dobříš, Švihov, Výsluní, Cheb and Milovice. The production will shoot roughly three months in the Czech Republic, employing 137 local crewmembers and spending EUR 16m. Season 3 of Borgia is a co-production between Atlantique Production, Etic Films, Beta Films GMBH and Film United. 1864, The Musketeers and Borgia will all receive rebates of 20% of their qualifying spend through the Czech Film Industry Support Programme.