18. August 2016

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The Usti Region is among the Czech regions that have recently set up a film office to promote locations to filmmakers and act as a contact point for all film production-related questions. Czech regional film offices are already helping filmmakers in the Karlovy Vary Region, Olomouc Region, the city of Liberec, East Bohemia and the city of Ostrava.
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“We’re a regional partner of the Czech Film Commission, with which we’ve consulted about our activities from the very start. Thanks to that, we have a good idea of what film crews need and how we can help them, as well as what the Region, through our office, can offer. Step by step, a network of towns, villages, institutions and location owners open to cooperation with filmmakers is being developed to support our activities”, said Barbora Hyšková, the head of the film office. “We’ve long encouraged regions to work with filmmakers, and we feel that with each year the regions are more open to and interested in attracting productions. We’re happy to see our network of regional film offices expand with new addition”, said the Czech Film Commissioner, Ludmila Claussová.

Activities of the Usti Region film office include:
  • communicating with regional authorities and bodies, and offering support to ensure permission to film is granted,
  • helping filmmakers get familiar with all the possibilities and conditions for filming in the region,
  • helping in the search/selection of locations and ensuring visual inspections/access to them,
  • offering recommendations and ensuring contacts for local suppliers – accommodation and catering services, production agencies, transportation businesses, contributing regional organisations, etc.
  • providing support in publicizing filmmakers’ calls for supporting roles and film extras,
  • giving expert consultation concerning the region (its infrastructure, history, culture, customs, etc.)
Contact persons: Barbora Hyšková, hyskova.b@kr-ustecky.cz, tel: 778 494 321 Helena Matuščinová, matuscinova.h@kr-ustecky.cz, tel: 475 657 720

The Usti Region has an abundance of natural beauty, with its north-west border skirted by the Ore Mountains, replete with canyons and dramatic sandstone formations along the Elbe river. Among its architectural treasures are the Roman-style rotunda on Říp Hill, the Gothic-style church in Most, the Baroque chateaux in Duchcov, monasteries in Osek and Doksany and chateaux in Ploskovice and Libochovice.