Andrii Lagutin

Director/AD/Underwater cameraman

Andrii Lagutin is an experienced and award-winning music video director, with a portfolio of over 7 videos that have collectively amassed millions of views. He has also contributed to the film and television industry, working as a director's assistant in various capacities (1st, 2nd, or 3rd AD) and showcasing his skills as an underwater cinematographer. His active involvement in the industry dates back to 2014.

Originally from Ukraine, Andrii has been living and working in the Czech Republic for several years. In his role as a director, he has successfully directed TV commercials (TVCs) for prominent entities like O2, a leading Czech telecommunications provider, as well as "Insportline," a well-known Czech sporting goods store. He's had the privilege of directing a music video for respected Czech singer Benny Cristo and has collaborated with Universal Music CZ, among other accomplishments.

During his time as a director's assistant in Ukraine, Andrii played a significant role in projects involving Netflix and was instrumental in Ukraine's notable TV series, "The Sniffer," particularly during its fourth season. He has also made valuable contributions to smaller-scale series, short films, and music videos in various assistant director capacities (1st, 2nd, or 3rd AD).

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Andrii Lagutin