Apoorva Satish

Born and raised in Chennai, a colorful, bursting-at-the-seams conglomerate of urban villages, Apoorva grew up watching cinema influenced by Dravidian political ideologies which ignited her passion for telling stories that are socially & politically aware. To hone her creative skills as a filmmaker, Apoorva travelled to several countries: Sri Lanka, Israel, Italy, Jordan, England, and the USA to work on fiction and non-fiction projects. In 2016, she was one of the 20 young filmmakers selected to attend the International Filmmaking Academy in Bologna under the tutorship of award-winning directors Danis Tanovic and Claudia Llosa. Apoorva passionately believes in the cause of film preservation and restoration which motivated her to become a film archivist with a certification from the International Federation of Film Archives. Apoorva's primary goal is to explore stories that will stimulate change by provoking conversations about different ideas, themes and most importantly, social struggles/movements. Apoorva is currently working on her debut Indian feature film while working on short and long format video projects with production companies based in Europe.




2020 - Present

Director - Specialising in Underwater filmmaking. 

Dock6films - Lisbon, Portugal



08-2019 - Present

Writer & Director 

Lonely Production, Prague, Czech Republic 

A Change of Heart (Currently in development and budgeting stage). 



01-2018 - 12-2019   

Writer, Director & Producer of "Kanya"

Twin Star Films | Lonely Production (Prague, Czech Republic) 


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