AZN kru

AZN kru is a Prague-based production company specializing in commercials, animation, music videos, short films, and photoshoots. We collaborate with both big and small companies and NGOs whom we help to tell their stories.


Milady Horákové 109/108
Praha 6 160 00
Czech Republic


Tatra banka (commercial, 2020, CZ+SK)

Eko-Kom the bus stop/the elevator (commercial, 2020, CZ)

UN Migration (commercial, 2020, CZ)

Samsung Galaxy Note (commercial, 2019, CZ)

Nejste sami – mobile hospice (commercial, 2018, CZ)

The Salvation Army (commercial, 2018, CZ)

Bo Hai (short film, 2017, CZ)

Členové týmu