Bio Illusion

Bio Illusion was founded in 2003 by Miloslav Šmídmajer. Our team has many years of experience in making cinematic and television productions.

Our main activity is production of original feature films.

From coming up with a subject matter, finding authors, script development through shooting and post-production up to the premiere of the film and advertising, we do it all.

We provide all services necessary for production of full-length films, television productions, advertisements and music videos.

Our basic philosophy is to produce quality films in a wide range of genres with an emphasis on comedies as they are a joy to make and also offer kind humor, comfort, laughter and emotions which, all together, guarantee years of viewers' interest.


Baarova 27/43
Praha 4 140 00
Czech Republic


THE CASE OF A DEAD DEADMAN (A parody on all the crime genre clichés)

KLER (Production service for a controversial Polish film by W. Smarzowski)

I LOVE YOU HEAVENLY (A romantic comedy about an artist in love, a girl from a shop window and a jealous knife thrower)

HOW POETS WAIT FOR A MIRACLE (After 12 years, an extremely popular Czech romantic comedy series Poets continues. This time the poets are waiting for a miracle.)

DOPPLEGANGERS (A story of a teacher and a thief who have never seen each other, they have no idea about each other’s existence and it would remain like that if faith had not put them together… )

CELEBRITY LTD (A story about the path taken by minor actor into the limelight and back)

TO SEE THE SEA (A story about a boy, who wants to become a famous director)

PRAGUE CANS (“UNI” is a loose sequel to the successful film The Can)

BELLA MIA (A dramatic battle between human arrogance and the lust for life)

NAZARETH UNTIL WE DROP (Rock not only throughout the year, but even after 40 years)

LUCKY FOUR IN THE SERVICE OF THE KING (The most popular heroes will be starring on the big screen for the very first time)

WAKING UP YESTERDAY (The story of a teacher who decided to return to his student years)

FAMILY (An encounter with Such a Normal Family after many years)

MILOS FORMAN: What doesn’t kill you… (The Oscar-winning director in the main role of an exciting life story)

IN THE ATTIC (or Who Has a Birhday Today?)

HELL WITH PRINCESS (A tale about a hard-headed princess who doesn’t want to wed)

THE WEDDING ON A BATTLEFIELD (A comedy set in picturesque Moravia)

TAMING CROCODILES (A family comedy full of good-willed determination)

ADRIANA (From Miss Wonderbra to the chairwomanship of the French Red Cross)

THE POETS NEVER LOSE HOPE (The fifth in a series of poetic comedies)

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