Czech Anglo Productions

Czech Anglo Productions is a full service film production and co-production company which was set up to enable companies wishing to shoot in the Czech Republic to have the ability to concentrate on the creative work of producing their projects whilst all the rigours and day to day running of the production is overseen and completed.

Now that is the case. Czech Anglo will take you from early scheduling and budgeting through scouting, prep and throughout your shoot in the Czech Repulic & Slovakia. We can also provide any Post Production facilities you require. We will acquire the best crew available, and completely oversee the new tax rebate process from application to audit.

Comapany has also a subsidiary production called CZECH ANGLO PICTURES s.r.o, which is co-producing several projects too.


Kríženeckého nám. 5/322
Praha 5 152 00
Czech Republic



JOJO RABBIT (dir. Taika Waititi, USA, Germany, 2019)

A BOY CALLED CHRISTMAS (Netflix/Blueprint, USA/UK, dir. Gil Kenan, UK, 2019)

WORLD ON FIRE (TV Series, BBC/UK, dir. Adam Smith, 2019)

DEVIL (dir. Nathan Frankowski, USA, 2019)

THE CATCHER WAS A SPY (dir. Ben Levin, USA, 2018)

THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE (dir. Niki Caro, USA, 2017)

THE MUSKETEERS, Season 3 (TV series, BBC/UK, 2015)

UNLOCKED (dir. Michael Apted, USA, 2017)

THE MUSKETEERS, Season 2 (TV series, BBC/UK, 2014)

THE MUSKETEERS (TV series, BBC/UK, 2013)

THE LAST KNIGHTS (dir. Kazuaki Kiriya, USA, 2012)

POLICIE MODRAVA (TV series, dir. Jaroslav Soukup, TV Nova, Czech Republic, 2011)

HABERMANNŮV MLÝN / HABERMANN’S MILL (dir. Juraj Herz, Czech Rep., Germany, Austria, 2010)

SOLOMON KANE (dir. Michael J. Bassett, FR/UK/CZ, 2009)

THE GENIUS OF MOZART (dir. James Kent, Ursula Macfarlane, UK, 2004) – executive production

CHARLESS II. (dir. Joe Wright, BBC, UK, 2003) – executive production

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (dir. Giacommo Campiotti, UK, Germany, USA, 2002) – executive production

ZOOKEEPER (dir. Ralph Zimman, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, 2001) – executive production

OLIVER TWIST (dir. Renny Rye, UK, 1999) – executive production


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