Czech Film Fund

Czech Film Fund was established on 1. January 2013, based on the new Act No. 496/2012 on Audiovisual Works and Support for Cinematography. The Fund shall, in particular:

  1. administer audiovisual charges, charges for broadcast advertising and administrative fees in accordance with this Act;

  2. maintain records in the audio/video sphere;

  3. provide support for cinematography;

  4. exercise ownership rights, including copyright and the ownership rights of performing artists, which pass to the state in accordance with another legal regulation;

  5. exercise the audiovisual work producer rights that have passed to its legal predecessor in accordance with another legal regulation and the audio/video recording producer rights pertaining to it in accordance with another legal regulation;

  6. grant the co-producer status in accordance with the Convention or under any other international agreement on film co-production;

  7. provide film incentives,

  8. perform activities defined by other legal regulations.


Veletržní palác, Dukelských hrdinů 47
Praha 7 170 00
Czech Republic

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