Czech Stunts

We bring safety into the stunt world!

CZECH STUNTS s.r.o. is a stunt team made of profesional stuntmen, who focus on finding the right balance between the strict safety rules and the director's artistic intention.

We offer a full range of stunt services, which cover not only stunts - body and naked skin burning, high falls, rigging and wire stunts, film fights and car stunts but also advising, managing and supervising health and safety during the filming. Proving our skills, CZECH STUNTS s.r.o  is a proud holder of two national awards in high falls and naked skin burning.

We strictly adhere to health and safety requirements drafted by the Czech Labour Code No. 262/2006 Coll. as well as European Safety Directive 89/391/EEC. CZECH STUNTS s.r.o also adopted the safety best practices as outlined by the british UK government agency Health and Safety Executive. Following this, we can trully consider ourselves being leaders in the field of occupational health and safety on the set.



Current projects:

"Hautu" (short film)

"Hodinářův učeň"  (feature film)

"Můj život" (film)

"Kaskadéři s.r.o."/ "Stuntmen Inc" (TV series)

"A Vote for the King of the Romans" (TV film)

"Bo Hai" (student film, FAMU Prague)

"Last Words" (feature film)

"MASSES shooting" (GB/Fr project)

"Princezna zakletá v čase" (feature film)

"Mlody Pilsudski" - (TV series PL)

"Tonight the World" (GB film project)

"Listí ze stromu svobody" (short film)

"Dragon Blade" (feature film)

"Můj příběh" (feature film)

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