Esplanade Hotel

Let the atmosphere of the 1920s sweep you off your feet. Inaugurated in 1927, the Esplanade Prague Hotel ***** is set in the heart of the historic city centre and is ready to take care of its special guests. Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, reflects the beauty of its historical events as well as modern times.

The Esplanade Prague Hotel***** is situated opposite the Prague State Opera – the meeting point of cultural and business life for over 80 years. Being one of the most famous pre-war hotels in Prague, the hotel has a unique historical atmosphere complemented with modern amenities, which are enhanced by the recent sensitive renovation of all 74 rooms. Opened in 1927, the Esplanade Prague Hotel ***** is a legendary place capturing the essence of ancient times and the present day.

Thanks to the great location of the Esplanade Prague Hotel ***** you can easily enjoy romantic walks through the historical parts of Prague, or spend the day shopping on the main shopping streets, or simply roam the cobbled streets of “Golden” Prague. Everything is within your reach. It is the ideal place from where you can discover the most famous cultural landmarks in Prague.


Washingtonova 19
Praha 1 110 00
Czech Republic