FILMPRINT was founded in 2002. Initially, the company focused primarily on the creation of subtitles for 35 mm copies. Today FILMPRINT is the largest subtitling firm (80 percent market share) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We offer comprehensive service that encompasses the entire process of localization of films shown in the Czech Republic (translation, captions for a wide range of media, media expedition and storage). Because all work is done in-house, we can guarantee the safety and excellence of our subtitles.

We work for the leading film distribution companies on the Czech and Slovak markets (Bontonfilm, Warner Brothers, Falcon, Continental Film, Bioscop). Consequently, our clients include such major film production companies as Twentieth Century Fox, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, United International Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount, Columbia TriStar, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Disney.

We also do business with smaller distributors that focus on art film (Artcam, Cinemart), as well as with a host of Czech production companies (translations into foreign languages). Digital cinema has arrived, and so have we. Recently renamed FILMPRINT DIGITAL, we now own state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to offer comprehensive services in a digital environment for the D-Cinema format.


Puchmajerova 335/11
Praha 5 158 00
Czech Republic

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