FZG Studio Klecany

Film Studios in Klecany - East Prague

Capabilities of the our 5 Studios:

  • GreenScreen studio - cyclorama,
  • BlueScreen studio - cyclorama,
  • WhiteScreen studio - cyclorama,
  • BlackScreen studio - cyclars,
  • LED wall studio with instaled Virtual Production

We specialize in:

  • Virtual Production - complete service on LED wall, genlock & TC sync
  • UnrealEngine - nDisplay realtime 3D rendering,
  • Resolume Arena - 2D video playback
  • Vicon camera Motion Tracking, Shogun, Evoke
  • Motion Control - High speed precision camera robot
  • Motion Capture - Vicon system, Shogun

Additional services:

  • set construction, set decorations,
  • catering
  • lighting equipment
  • robot, wind machine, lifting platforms, etc.


  • parking,
  • makeup rooms, costume rooms,
  • meeting rooms, offices,
  • dining hall, kitchen, showers,
  • pool 15x12m,
  • outdoor areas, backlot

information about the FZG Film Studio can be found on our website www.fzg.cz.

Floor plan
Camera and grip list
Lighting equipment


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