One of the most experienced drone teams in Central Europe – that is JAMCOPTERS.

The head of the company – Jan Dojcan – started to build the first heavy lifters in Europe applicable to the film industry in 2010 and since that time JAMCOPTERS acquired experience in hundreds of movies, television, or commercials projects all around the world.

Based in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic, the JAMCOPTERS team is able to operate in almost every country in the world with a fleet of seven drones with the various capability of use. The biggest drones with Freefly MOVI or DJI Ronin stabilization platforms can carry all commonly used cameras such as ARRI Alexa mini (mini LF), all RED cameras, or SONY VENICE even with anamorphic lenses and focus, iris, and zoom control. For these types of cameras, we are also using a unique remote control system enabling us to manage built-in ND filters, shutter angle, ISO, and more setups during the flight. For more dynamic shots or in stronger winds we are using INSPIRE 2 with the X7 camera and 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses. We always have a backup drone on set.

JAMCOPTERS team also developed a powerful 6000W LED lighting system with smooth gimbal stabilization and control designed to use on our big drones.

We also have vast experience with the location site photogrammetry for VFX and we offer all types of 3D or 2D data of the filming location.

Our drones and pilots are certificated by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we are able to arrange permissions for flying in all types of prohibited areas, in the city centers or at night. Liability insurance for damage to third parties is a matter of course. For keeping maximal crew and cast safety, we always elaborate on the Risk Assessment prior to filming.

The JAMCOPTERS team is always ready to take off for your visions and offer more possibilities from a different angle of view.


Lazaretni 1/7
Brno 615 00
Czech Republic


2020 - The Dragon Girl - Tale (NO, NL, CZ)
2019 - Wheel of Time - Amazon prime TV series (USA)
2019 - Modelář - Czech movie
2019 - Šarlatán - Czech movie
2019 - Bourák - Czech movie
2019 - Tichý společník - Czech movie
2019 - Prvok, Šampón, Tečka a Karel - Czech Movie
2019 - Veterán - Czech movie
2019 - Bobule 3 - Czech movie
2019 - Maria Theresa II - A Woman at War TV movie (CZ, A,HU, SR)
2019 - Dáma a Král - Czech television series
2019 - Terezínské stíny - Czech TV movie
2019 - Zátopek - Czech movie
2018 - Bez Vědomí - HBO mini series
2018 - Profesor T - CZ TV series
2018 - Dáma a Král - Czech television series
2018 - Přes Prsty - Czech movie
2018 - Léto s Gentlemanem - Czech movie
2018 - Žáby bez jazyka - SK movie
2018 - Kouzelník Žito - Czech tale
2018 - Beze Stopy - CZ TV movie
2018 - Lovení - Czech movie
2018 - Skleněný pokoj - Czech Movie
2018 - Metanol TV CZ mini series

Maria Theresa I - TV movie (CZ, A,HU, SR)
Černé Vdovy - CZ TV series
Labyrint III - CZ TV series
Provedu - Prijimac CZ TV series
Atentát - CZ TV series
The Musketeers - BBC TV series
Transporter The Series - FR TV series
Andělé všedniho dne - Czech Movie
První Republika - CZ TV series
Rodinný film - Czech movie
Bony a Klid II - Czech movie

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