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Klára B. Follová


Klára B. Follová is an independent Czech producer with experience in film and TV production. She studied Production at FAMU and Media Studies at Charles University. Klára worked in different positions for the most popular Czech TV channel Nova owned by an international media company CME. As a producer she was responsible for prime time fiction series. She has also experience in film and festival production as well as high budget commercial film services.


TRANSit (documentary, dir. Tereza Nvotova, in production)

POLICE UNIT PRAGUE IV (TV series, dir.Jiri Chlumsky, Jaroslav Fuit, CET 21, 2014)

GAS STATION (TV series, dir. Jiri D. Novak,CET 21, 2013)

THE COLLEGE III (TV series, various directors, CET 21, 2013)

THE COLLEGE II (TV series, various directors, MediaPro Pictures, 2012 – 2013)

VILLA FABER (TV movie and TV series, dir. Radek Bajgar, Ivan Pokorny, MediaPro Pictures, 2011)

GOLDEN SPRING PHARMACY (TV series, MediaPro Pictures, 2011)

COMEBACK, TV series, 2008 – 2009, various directors, CET 21, 2008 – 2009)

TyTy 2007 (live show, dir. Jiri Adamec, CET 21, 2008)

ESO (TV magazine, various directors, CET 21, 2008)

ALLEGRO (short, dir. Jan V. Sacher, 2005)

SICKNESS (short, dir. Reese Nanavati, 2005)

TO VOTE IS SEXY (TV and cinema campaign, various directors, 2005)