Film and TV production company KONTRAFILM, founded in 2012 in Prague, is linked to the Slovak company Furia Film+ located in Bratislava. The founder of the both companies, director and producer Tina Diosi, has been active in documentary filmmaking for 20 years now.

Kontrafilm concentrates on production of documentary films and TV series. Among its cooperators, who take active part on the development and production of the projects are experienced directors, screenwriters, script editors, camera operators and film editors. The company has produced numerous documentary series and films.

We concentrate on the projects, which help to develop a majority society, while treating poignant topics in unconventional way. Kontrafilm has established itself thanks to its know-how in the area of artistic documentary. Having collaborated with the best directors, awarded at international film festivals, the company is competent to produce documentaries, providing a creative environment for production and postproduction.


V Podbabě 2738/12
Praha 6 160 00
Czech Republic


CELNICE (TV series, 23 documentary films and talkshow, 2013)
What is the relationship between the independent Czech and Slovak Republics to the European Union? Do they have a "shared future"?

MOUDRÉ PODNIKÁNÍ ŽEN (documentary, 2012-2013)
This film describes how the selected women do business and shows the impact their participation in a project has on personal and regional relationships of their business.

MALÝ ZUŘIVÝ ROBINSON (documentary, 2010)
The film tells story of a young very talented poet, who died at 34 years and whose texts are nowadays sing by the whole nation.

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