Leila Basma

Leila is a filmmaker from Tyre, Lebanon. She holds a BA in Audiovisual Arts from IESAV at the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, and she’s currently based in Prague pursuing an MFA in Film Directing at FAMU.
Through her work, she tries to explore the themes of coming-of-age, self-exploration, body, and identity.
Her latest short documentary, The Adam Basma Project, was short-listed for the 48th annual Student Academy Awards (the Student Oscars) after having its premiere at the 18th DocLisboa International Film Festival in Lisbon.
Alongside filmmaking, Leila's photographs have been exhibited in various Art galleries and photo exhibitions in Beirut and Europe.
Leila is currently developing narrative and documentary films produced by film companies between the Arab world and Europe while working on various commercial works.



Dance with Me (on-going), Feature Film in development
Sea Salt (on-going), Short Fiction Film in development
The Adam Basma Project (15'), Short Documentary
New Years (11'), Short Fiction Film
Man is Hunter (17'), Short Fiction Film

Freelance Work:
Creative Director, Beirut DC, 2018-2020
Segment Director, Megaphone News, 2017-2018
Segment Director, MBC Group, 2017

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