Marek Jícha

He has his masters from FAMU film academy of the Czech Republic, where he is currently teaching cinematography. He is a founding member of the independent film company Lampafilm Praha and regularly works with Czech Television and private film producers. As DoP, he has a dozen full-length features to his credit. He has been nominated for the Czech Lion award of Best Cinematography and his feature films have six times been nominated and one time successfully awarded for best cinematography from the Association of Czech Cinematographers. His work includes numerous documentaries, award-winning experimental projects, films for television, music video clips and collaborative work with the National Theatre of Prague. He represents the Czech Republic in Imago, the European Society of Cinematographers. In 2012 Marek Jicha was elected as Prezident of Association of Czech Cinematographers.

Marek is teaching as Professor at FAMU in Prague in its camera department, since 2005 to 2016 functioning as Head of Camera Department (succeeding Prof. Jaromir Sofr) and as professor at AU Abroad Program Washington DC, CET program, NY UNIVERSITY, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, YALE UNIVERSITY, EMERSON UNIVERSITY + FAMU International Academic Programs. He is member of Czech Film and Television Academy CFTA and European Film Academy EFA. Since 2013 he works as Head of researching program NAKI AMU, Academy of Performing Arts. Subject is Methods of Digitization of national film fund.


Evropská 674
Praha 6 160 00
Czech Republic


Feature Film

2018 - "VECNE TVA NEVERNA", director Milan Cieslar

2018 - "ALENKA V ZEMI ZAZRAKU" [Alice in the Land of Miracles], director Otakaro Schmidt, Jana Studnickova

2013 - "GOLETTE" [Golette], director Milan Cieslar

2011 - "LASKA JE LASKA" [Love is Love], director Milan Cieslar

2010 - "HLAVA-RUCE-SRDCE" [Head-Hands-Heart], director David Jarab

2009 - "SNEZNA NOC" [Snow Night], director Milan Cieslar

2009 - "ULOVIT MILIARDARE" [Catch the Billionaira], director Tomas Vorel

2008 - "LOVEC VODNIHO TICHA" Hunter of Silence], director Milan Cieslar

2007 - "GYMPL" [The Can], director Tomas Vorel

2005 - „SKRITEK" [The Imp], director Tomas Vorel

2004 - „VATERLAND - LOVECKY DENIK" [Vaterland A Hunting Logbook], director David Jarab

2001 - "CERNE SLZY" [Black Tiers], director Milan Cieslar


2017 - "LADISLAV MRKVICKA", director Svetlana Lazarova

2016 - "JAKO BYCHOM DNES ZEMRIT MELI", director Roman Vavra

2016 - "MELANCHOLY OF MOVEMENT AND STILLNESS - Czech Photographers, Ekrt, Sudek, Lutterer", director David Jarab

2012 - "MOJE SLZA,TVUJ DEST“, director Eva Lustig

2007 - "PISNICKAR, KTERY NEZEMREL" [The Immortal Balladeer of Prague], director Pepi Lustig & Marek Jícha

2007 - "TITOVY DUCHOVE", director Mira Erdevički-Charap

2005 - "VALKA V PAMETI ZEN" „War in woman memory“, director Dasa Smrzova

2005 - "MARIANEK", director Rudolf Adler

2001 - "SOMEWHERE BETTER", director Mira Erdevicki-Charap