Marek Tomin

Born July 12, 1969, Prague, son of philosopher Julius and writer Zdena, signatories of the human rights declaration Charta 77. Educated in England, incl. Oxford University (BA). Based in Prague since 1992, working freelance as interpreter and translator; journalist (e.g. Respekt, Czech Business Weekly); contemporary art curator; fixer, researcher and local producer (TV and radio); assistant director (Czech TV); and also director (Czech TV and Prima TV).


Šmeralova 13
Praha 7 170 00
Czech Republic



BBC News at Ten, BBC World News, BBC News 24, BBC Nine O’Clock News (wide variety of news reports with reporters such as John Simpson, William Horsley, Brian Hanrahan, Angus Roxburgh), BBC World Business Report; ITN; Reuters - fixer, researcher, interpreter

documentaries, current affairs, travel and other TV programmes:

THE WORLD ACCORDION TO PHIL (BBC Scotland, 60 min, in production, 2010) - fixer, researcher, interpreter

SIMPSON´S WORLD - VÁCLAV HAVEL (BBC News Channel, 30 min, 2009) – fixer, researcher, interpreter

NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRAVEL GUIDE (Discovery Productions/Travel Channel, 22 min, 2006) -production assistant, interpreter

WHY INTELLIGENCE FAILS: Intelligence to Please (Wilton Films/Discovery Channel, 47 min, 2004) -researcher, local producer

FAST TRACK  (BBC World News travel programme, 30 min, 2004) - fixer, researcher, interpreter

MILÁČCI / DARLINGS (Prima TV, TV series about pet animals, Czech Rep., 2002) - director

ZPRÁVA O STAVU SVĚTA / REPORT ON THE  STATE OF THE WORLD (Czech TV, 90 min, 2001) - assistant director

VELKÝ VůZ / THE BIG DIPPER (Czech TV, TV magazine on multicultural issues, 2000) - director

EUROPE DIRECT (BBC World, 1997) - fixer, researcher, interpreter

PEOPLE´S CENTURY: People Power (BBC/WGBH, 60 min, 1996) - main production team

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT: Václav Havel (Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 20 min, 1995) - fixer, researcher, interpreter

BBC CORRESPONDENT: Children of the E55 (BBC TV, 30 min, 1994) - fixer, researcher, interpreter

CHILDREN´S BBC CHRISTMAS PROGRAMME (1993) - fixer, researcher, interpreter