Michal Caban - Cabani Production

During their studies at the college the brothers Michal and Šimon founded a dance-theatre group „Ballet Unit Cramp“. Since that time they work as a script-writers, directors, managers and choreographers with their own group and with other theatre, dance and music groups. They realize their author’s ideas and fantasies in the area of theatre, film, video and audiovisual projects.

Movement, music, light, costumes and art realization function and influence each other in their imagination without any custom and then they realize images full of atmosphere, dynamism, art, emotions and associations. Today the Caban brothers are re-nowned professionals. They work for companies and state institutions, they realize ceremonies, individual performances, and cultural events abroad.


Ostrovní 30
Praha 1 11000
Czech Republic

Členové týmu


Michal Caban

scriptwriter, director, choreographer


Šimon Caban

architect, set designer, director