Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is a central body of the state administration involved in: the national industry policy, trade policy, foreign economic policy, integrated raw material policy, use of mineral resources, energy, gas and heat production, mining, crude oil, natural gas, solid fuels, nuclear materials, ores and non-ore treatment and conversion, metallurgy, machinery, electrical engineering and electronics, chemical industry, crude oil processing, rubber and plastic materials industry, glass and ceramics industry, textile and clothing industry, leather and print industry, paper, cellulose and wood-working industry, building materials production, building industry production, medical production, waste, domestic trade and the protection of consumers' interests, foreign trade and supporting exports, small and medium-sized companies' issues with the exception of regional business support and trading issues, technical standardization, metrology and state quality control, industrial research, engineering and technology development, electronic communication and postal services.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is a central body of the government administration responsible for commodity exchange, except of issues relating to the Ministry of Agriculture.


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