The Movie has been founded in 1999 as a post-production company. The owner, managing director and the producer in one Adam Dvořák has produced the film Rafters. The first run in 2006 in the Czech Republic and its later remake in France has granted this movie to become very successful. From now on the company is focusing on film production rather than the post-production itself. The company produced a total of five feature films and co-produced 13 others. The company works mainly with young promising artist who have proved their qualities over the years after.

The only exception is the film “Lidice” where a highly skilled and experienced film director has been appointed. The commercial success of this movie has been proved by the high attendance in the theaters (3rd best traffic in 2011). The movie has got several awards, has been assigned as an educational tool in the school books and is screened at various events centers and Czech embassies around the world. The company shall focus more on European projects co-production and the films distribution in the future.


Karla Engliše 2
Praha 5 150 00
Czech Republic


feature films:

TEN, KDO TĚ MILOVAL (dir. Jan Pachl / Czech Republic, 2018)

GANSTER KA (dir. Jan Pachl / Czech Republic, 2015)

MARTIN A VENUŠE (dir. Jiri Chlumsky / Czech Republic, 2013)

LIDICE (dir. Petr Nikolaev / Czech Republic, 2011)

2BOBULE ("Grapes 2", dir. Vlad Lanne / Czech Republic, 2009)

BOBULE ("Grapes", dir. Tomas Barina / Czech Republic, 2008)

RAFŤÁCI ("Rafters", dir. Karel Janak / Czech Republic, 2006)

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