Paul Dean Film

Writer, Director, Cinematographer - Filmmaker, Paul Dean was born in Rochdale, England. After graduating with an MA in Law from Oxford University in 1997, Paul spent five years in the US, obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame and working as a lawyer. Upon returning to the UK in 2003, law degrees in hand - he formed a band, started a successful music magazine and learned to evoke emotions in an audience through a job in marketing.

A born storyteller, Paul was selected for a script writing course with North West Vision (UK Film Council), ‘First Take: Distinct Voices, Diverse Lives’, where he reignited his passion for film. Paul set about writing and directing his first 15 minute short “The Lovers” - working with friends and professional actors - and eventually earning praise for the quality and scope of the zero-budget film. He was then shortlisted for the ‘NW Vision Digishorts’ scheme where he developed his craft under mentor Paul Fraser, writer on the Shane Meadow’s film, “Dead Man’s Shoes”.

Paul honed his craft working on dozens of music videos and shorts before leaving England and spending five years traveling and performing in theater around Europe. In 2011, he came to Prague, CZ, where he started work on his first feature film, "Red Green Blue", with Czech legends of cinema Josef Somr, Ondrej Vetchy and Jan Kacer. This later became the half hour short film “Cerven”.

Paul has spent the past five years based in Prague and working throughout Europe, shooting in Czechia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Poland, the Ukraine and elsewhere, working on hundreds of student films, music videos, tv shows, commercials, features and shorts and learning his craft on set with some of the world’s best directors and cinematographers. He continues to act on stage, TV and commercials, and recently directed his first play at the Divaldo Kolowrat in Prague.

After more than a decade in the film industry, Paul has worked in just about every department on set - on both sides of the camera - and he continues to work as a freelance director, cinematographer, editor, gaffer and grip. He is currently editing his first feature length documentary, The Road Less Run, his horror feature film script 'Someone Has To Die' has been optioned and is in preproduction and he's developing a comedy pilot for a tv series.


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