Piranha Film

We are focused mainly on travel stories and scientific documentary films. We have managed over 100 filming expeditions, among all to the North Pole, we crossed Greenland, and we have been filming on the top of erupting Indonesian volcano Merapi etc. We have been filming with great white shark, with tiger sharks without any protection….with rangers in Mongolian Gobi desert as well as Botswanian Okavango delta. At all these were jobs in more than 80 countries of The World where we have had the pleasure to film.

We have had the honour to shoot with Thor Heyerdahl, Edmund Hillary, Arthur C.Clarke, Reinhold Messner, Jane Goodall, Eugen Cernan, John Blaha and other exceptional and wonderful people.


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Czech Republic


About 50 films from 70 countries (all continents including The North Pole), 33 scientific films: https://www.petrhorky.cz/filmy/

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