Prague Film School

Prague Film School is ranked among the world's leading film schools. The school's accelerated programs, its international faculty, its location in Prague and its talent-rich student body all contribute to this recognition. The school's mandate with the Czech Ministry of Education is to provide professional-level training and we are dedicated to developing not only informed auteurs, but crew and post production professionals.

The following are the full-time programs offered: • Filmmaking • Acting for Film • Animation • Documentary Film Prague Film School programs are decidedly fast-track. The school's overriding philosophy is to integrate theory and practice so students acquire the intellectual and technical skills to make quality films. The school aims to promote artistic creativity while instructing industry craft skills.

Based in Prague, the ethos of the school is a mix of European art-house and American independent cinemas. Faculty are indeed recruited from both sides of the Atlantic and consist of top international and Czech professionals who daily mentor the creative, artistic and professional development of the students. Different from many national film academies or major private film schools abroad or in Europe, Prague Film School is characterized by its small size, accepting a maximum of 70 students in its year and semester programs and 20-25 in its summer filmmaking programs.

This lends a particular intimacy to the educational and filmmaking experience, promoting close work relations with teachers and students and affording easy access to film-making facilities and a red-tape-free working environment. Students studying at Prague Film School enjoy a fast-paced hands-on program in an intimate environment and, not unimportantly, in one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, Prague. The city is renowned for its beauty and vitality, its charm and pulse. Prague Film School, located in the heart of the city, embodies and contributes to this buzz.


Pštrossova 19
Praha 1 110 00
Czech Republic