redblik s.r.o is one of the leading aerial filming and photography companies in the Czech Republic, using remote-controlled “drones”. Creating ultra-smooth, cinematic footage at 4k resolution, our cameras are gyro-stabilised and have full 360° 3-axis rotation capabilities.

Via a video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director full control of the filming angles and framing. Providing services for a wide variety of clients, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property developers, sports, events, commercials, TV and viral films for brands on the Internet.

redblik s.r.o. is able to fly at altitudes of up to 300m with permissions for aerial work granted by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority and insured for damage to third parties with 24mil.CZK liability.

Our equipment:
DJI S1000+ with Panasonic GH4


Poličanská 1487
Praha 9 190 16
Czech Republic

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