RGM Entertainment

RGM Entertainment is a production and publishing company, the main objective of which is to produce author CDs and DVDs of interpreters from various music genres, as well as complete preparation and realization of nationwide music projects, such as the RGM Music Awards of Óčko TV (the best music interpreters for the previous year according to the viewers´ voting, a sort of Czech Music Awards), the Dancer of the Year (a contest based on searching interpreters of the street dance style with the best physical talent) or the RGM Space, the chart of the most successful download music.

A developing and currently preferred area of interest of our company is offering of author music for film projects. The RGM archive that contains around 250 musical sounds and motives is ready to provide the musical themes for advertisement spots or trailers, short film or full-length feature films or cartoons without any limitation as for the genre. We will help you not only with the selection, but in the spirit of our philosophy and in close cooperation with you, we will form them to the final format of the film soundtrack. If you do not choose anything from our existing database, we can compose music of your choice following consultation and detailed specification from your side.


Vodní 1972
Zlín 760 01
Czech Republic

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