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Scenography International s.r.o.


performing arts  for  film, documentary film, music film . visual art . video clip 

  • performing arts,  scenography  for audiovisual projects
  • costume designs, realization of costume sets for audio-visual projects
  •  specialization historical period
    ensuring the production of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories


Advisory and consulting activities in art  processing of professional studies and assessments

         historical resource displayed in the archives





Scenography International       


reprezentujeme .


represent    Costume designer .     Scenographer     Simona Krompholc

Costume designer , scenographer - MgA title,  DAMU,  Prague /  Filed Costume and Mask,

  Central Saint Martin' s  (University of Arts London) the United Kingdom,

  Academy of Fine Art, Prague  /  2023 - 2024  Course  Resturation of Fine Art


Last  Film  of  costume designer 

Secrets and meaning of life  /  Czech rep. 2023 /  film drama , director Petr Vachler 



Genius of Mozart: UK/ BBC/ TV documentary film series, 2003 - BAFTA Award 

historical costumes / Asiss. of UK costumes designer, cost. supervision 

The Fish: USA/ PBS / TV short film, director Alfonso Cuaron, 2003 - Emmy Award  / Costumes designer

Little Foxes: CZ/ Ireland / TV film shooted on the location of Ireland, director Mira Fornay, 2009 / Costumes designer

2001  The chance of Millenium FAMU - short film, directed by Bořek Hořínek

1997  PARDAILAN  wardrobe - costumes

1996  PINOCCHIO  production

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Costume design   .  scenic art 

Theatreplay Männerhort  of Kristof Magnusson , Studio dva , on playlist   2012   - 2021 


 Costume  design 

Clemenza di Tito by William Shakespeare UK/  Central Saint Martinś / University of Arts London / 2006, set design, costume design

Central Saint Martinś (University of Arts London) the United Kingdom

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Central Saint Martinś (University of Arts London) the United Kingdom

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Nathional Heritage  Institute     Czech republic   /    course  Memory furnace /  2020

Alphonse Maria Mucha - Slav Epic- essay for Czech National Heritage Institute / 2019/, 

decoration and  costumes design for Sarah Bernhardt ' s  Paris Theatre


Production for Film and TV 

technology, manufacturing of historical and modern costumes and footwear, accessories,

 leather and metal equipment, accessories, boots, bags...