Sedldekor Candelabra s.r.o.

In our catalogue you can find a broad range of props from SEDLDEKOR´s workshop, the company which is on the market for about 20 years and was collaborating with Czech and foreign productions. According to this, we can guarantee you a high quality of products and attitudes of professionals.

We´re not just ordinary props hire company. Every product in the catalogue is made by SEDLDEKOR Ltd., so we can adjust every prop to your requirement. And in case, you will need more than what we have online, just let us know and we will make more pieces for you.

Our company policy is based on an individual approach to every customer. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We are looking forward to working with you!


Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (TV Series, USA, 2020)
Poslední aristokratka (CZ, 2019)
The Letter for the King (TV Series, UK, 2020)
A Boy Called Christmas (UK, 2021)
The Wheel of Time (TV Series, USA, 2021-)
Maria Theresia II (TV Drama, CZ, A, HU, SR, 2020)
Carnival Row - Season 2 (TV Series, USA, 2020)
Margrete – Queen of The North (DK, NOR, SWE, PL, 2020)
Shadows in my Eyes (DK, NOR, SWE, BG, 2020)
dEvil (USA, CZ, 2019)
DNA (DK, 2019)
Louis van Beethoven (DE, 2020)
Oktoberfest – 1900 (TV Series, DE, 2019)
Shadowplay (TV Series, DE, CAN, 2020)
Whiskey Cavalier (TV Series, USA, 2019)
The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (TV Series, USA, 2018-2020)

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