We have been flying drones since 2016. You can see our footage, for example, in the clips of actor and musician Guy Pearce, in the films Women and Life, The Transmitter, in the documentary series 37 ° by German television ZDF or in the series “Polda” and “Srdcaři”. 

We use an Inspire 2 drone with a Zenmus X5S camera for filming. Outputs in ProRes and Cinema DNG formats in 5.2 K resolution. The drone camera operator is an experienced cameraman Ondřej Hošek, who participated in the shooting of a number of interesting projects, such as the 3D feature film Aldabra, the award-winning film Sandstone, the Last Visa series or as a official cameraman of the WRC Rally Championship in Sardinia.

We hold a license for aerial works from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority and we are insured against damage liability towards third parties. We can solve out permission to the center of Prague and other places where a special permit to fly is required.


Praha, Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic


2021 - “Ženy a život/Women and life” - Feature film

2021/2022 - “Polda/Cop” - Czech TV series

2021 - “Zum Glück gab’s diese Kuh” - Documentary series “37°“ of German TV “ZDF”

2020 - “Převaděč/Der Menschenschmuggler” - amateur movie

2020 - “Shuffleton“ - Official music video by OEREO Music

2019 - “His Body” - Official music video by Guy Pearce

2019 - “The Nomad” - Music video by Guy Pearce

2019 - “Setkání s Libuší”/“Libussa Unbound” - Documentary film

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