We compose music and sound. We record live symphony orchestra.

We have a unique platform Composed Music 48H - where you can simply describe what music/sound you need (from offline to whole film music) and we will send you various proposals from our Soundsgate composers from more than 20 countries.

We collaborate with renowned artists whose work and opportunity to publish on the Soundsgate platform are approved by global curators working with film and television producers such as the BBC.

With ever shorter production cycles and growing possibilities for distribution channels, we have found a way to preserve the quality of musical composition in all audiovisual content and operate with speed and quality right from your computer or telephone.

We effectively connect the world of music composers and audiovisual artists at high quality and the fastest access available.

Our activities cover everything regarding audio component in audio-visual, last year also complete dubbing services and dubbing studios (dubbing for television and film) and complete audio postproduction.

Soundsgate is the organizer of the unique world event Composers Summit, which welcomes to Prague Hollywood’s most famous composers of film music every year. The idea behind establishing the Summit was the desire and effort to educate professionals and fans in audiovisual.


Salvátorská 931/8
Prague 110 00
Czech Republic


Music from our Soundsgate composers you can find in media like NBC, FOX, BBC, ARD, CNN Prima News and many more. The experience of our whole platform is very rich because our Soundsgate network is very wide with many excellent composers.

Complete music, recording and postproduction of the CNN Prima News audio files.

See our portfolio on our website:

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