Talent management s.r.o. - Prague casting agency

Casting agency since 1997.

With us, you can see that even the most expensive projects can be implemented in a professional environment with a team of capable people at an affordable price. Our offices and studio are in the center - the waterfront near the National Theater - we are an agency with tradition, facilities, experience with large projects in the stadiums of 1,500 people, historical filming, etc.

Our core business comprises the search and management of people and artists suitable for use in print and TV advertising.

We proceed from our belief that it is precisely a human face which is necessary for promoting the widest possible range of services and products.

When creating forms of communication, it is also possible to take advantage of some special skills of the represented people who can inspire creative teams to new ideas.



We present just a few examples of the companies with which, or for which we have worked.

We thank all our clients for their confidence. Photos from the filming and the film realizations are exhibited in our offices.

Netflix, Stillking films, Filmservice productions, Blue screen productions, Boogie films, Punk film, Lucky man films, Vital Productions, Etic Pictures, Czech connection, Česká televize, Adwood, Vodafone, Eurotel, Telefonica, T mobile, Nokia, Mc Donalds, Chevrolet, Dell, Capitol One, Ravensburger, Danone, Ferrero, Tivoli, Wrigley, Panasonic, Vitana, Pizza Giuseppe, Těstoviny Panzany, Diesel, Quiero, Elektrolux, Vodka Stoli, Allianz, Coca Cola, Hartmann, Bohemia Chips, Interspar, Mercedes, Velvet, Credit Suisse, Philips, The Times, Telefónica O2, IKEA , etc.



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