Our security agency provides its services throughout the Czech Republic with branches in Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Litoměřice and also abroad in professional quality while maintaining full discretion and guaranteeing a professional approach and high qualification of our security personnel.


  • we provide security in areas used as film, television and commercial filming locations 
  • control of vehicles and persons entering the filming location, with the exception of those directly participating in the filming 
  • constant protection of the client's property (vehicles, equipment, sets, etc.) 
  • ITC and public safety assistance • security personnel at checkpoints at film locations


2023 - Security, ITC, Lock UP - Get into your sleeping bag

2023 - Security - Year of the Widow

2023 - Security, ITC - Fichtelberg

2024 - Security, ITC, Lock UP - Silent mail

Cooperation with production companies: Fresh Lobster, 8 Heads, Analog Vision, Cinemotif films

Prague National Theater – Security of objects and events, Prague Castle, Chateau Winery Johann W., Czech Fashion Week, Imperial Hotel Karlovy Vary, Film Festival, 7 Energy, The city of Cologne The city of Frydlant, Eurovia, Pilgrimage of Ripa