Universal Production Partners (UPP)

Since its establishment in 1994 UPP has became the largest and most versatile Visual Effects and Post Production House in Mainland Europe.

From day one it has been specifically designed to meet the exacting demands for high quality post production of both feature film and broadcast. We combine the latest equipment and technology with a skilled team of imaginative and creative people.

Ideally located in a heart of Europe, UPP offers everything you need to complete top quality features, television series, commercials and videos in one modern, spacious and convenient location.


Žitomírská 7
Praha 10 101 00
Czech Republic


Our recent projects include:

GRAN TURISMO (dir. Neil Blomkamp, USA 2023)

BARBIE (dir. Greta Gerwig, USA 2023)

The POPE´S EXORCIST (dir. Julius Avery, USA 2023)

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (dir. Edward Berger, Netflix 2022)

BLACK ADAM (dir. Jaume Collet-Serra, USA 2022) 

TERMINATOR : DARK FATE (dir. Tim Miller, USA 2019)

GEMINI MAN (dir. Ang. Lee, USA 2019)

ANTHEM CONVICTION (dir. Neill Blomkamp, CANADA 2019)

SKYSCRAPER (dir. Dawson Marshall Thurber, USA 2018)

RAMPAGE (dir. Brad Peyton, USA 2018)

BLADE RUNNER 2049 (dir. Denis Villeneuve, USA 2017)

WONDER WOMAN (dir. Patty Jenkins, USA 2017)

ALLIED (dir. Robert Zemeckis, USA, 2016)

THE GREAT WALL (dir. Yimou Zhang, USA 2016)

GODS FOR EGYPT (dir. Alex Proyas, USA, Australia, 2016)

LONDON HAS FALLEN (dir. Babak Najafi, UK, USA, Bulgaria, 2016)

THE WALK (dir. Robert Zemeckis, USA, 2015)

SNOWPIERCER (dir. Joon-ho Bong, South Korea, USA, France, 2013)

RED TAILS (dir. Anthony Hemingway, USA, 2012)

SEASON OF THE WITCH (dir. Dominic Sena, USA, 2011)

THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH (dir. Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Germany, Canada, 2010)

2012 (dir. Roland Emmerich, Columbia Pictures, USA, 2009)

THE INTERNATIONAL (dir. Frank Griebe, Columbia Pictures, USA, Germany, UK, 2009)

YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH (dir. Francis Ford Coppola, USA, Romania, France, Italy, Germany, 2007)

BREAKING AND ENTERING (director Anthony Minghella, USA, UK, 2006)

ALIEN vs. PREDATOR (dir. Paul W.S. Anderson, 20th Century Fox, USA, Germany, Czech Rep., UK, 2004)

PERFUME, THE STORY OF A MURDERER (dir. Tom Tykwer, Germany, France, Spain, USA, 2006)

THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (TV series, USA, dir. Mikael Salomon, 2008)

THE COMPANY (TV series, USA, dir. Mikael Salomon, 2007)

TRISTAN AND ISOLDE (dir. Kevin Reynolds, 20th Century Fox, Germany, Czech Rep., UK, USA, 2006)

THE ILLUSIONIST (dir. Neil Burger, USA, Czech Rep., 2006)

EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED (dir. Liev Schreiber, Warner Independent Pictures, USA, 2005)

SALEM´S LOT (dir. Mikael Salomon, USA, 2004)

CHILDREN OF DUNE (dir. Greg Yaitanes, Germany, USA, 2003)

THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (dir. Anthony Minghella, USA, 1999)

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