Vertical Images

Vertical Images is highly experienced drone team with over 1000 flight hours a year. We can carry any film cameras (RED, ALEXA MINI) with prime lenses. On set we always have two complete drone sets capable of carrying large film cameras.

Our drones and pilots are registered by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Vertical Images company holds a licence to perform aerial operations with unmanned vehicles, as one of few in the Czech Republic. We are also fully insured against damage liability towards third parties.

Petr Lnenicka (head camera operator) and Tomas Lnenicka (head pilot) started flying drones in 2012 and by 06/2016 Tomas has registered more than 1.300 commercial flight hours. Company has three teams equipped and flying everyday. All pilots have minimum of 400 flight hours and two years of experience.

Vertical Images is a founding member of the Czech Professional Unmanned Vehicles Operators Association ( and the company's executive, Petr Lnenicka, is currently the chairman of the association.


Habrová 1445
Ostrov 363 01
Czech Republic


2016 - Aerials for The Adventurers film (Stephen Fung’s Hong Kong production “THE ADVENTURERS,” starring Jean Reno and Andy Lau, Flagship Entertainment, Milk and Honey Pictures) - flying with RED DRAGON, COOKE S4, over 16 flying days
2016 - BRITTANNIA (Backup Films, Neil Marshall) - flying with ARRI ALEXA MINI, Prime lenses, over 20 flying days
2016 - PUSTINA (Wasteland) - HBO Europe's drama production, directors: Ivan Zacharias and Alice Nellis, flying with Blackmagic Production Camera, Canon prime lenses
2016 - Skoda commercials for Asian market, director: Masami Kamiyama, flying with ARRI ALEXA MINI, Prime lenses
2015 -2016 - Stillking Films - Commercials - Playstation, Lenovo, Skoda, GE, Verizon - flying with ARRI ALEXA MINI, Prime lenses, FIZ
2014 - 2016 - Kaufland commercials Z lásky k Česku (Savage, director: Michael Baumbruck), all aerials
2015 - SEDMERO KRKAVCU/THE SEVEN RAVENS (director: Allice Nellis), all aerials
2014 - Lovci zážitků (TV travel series), all aerials

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